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Posted on: March 3rd, 2011by: Dan Sleight

In an effort to make EmotionBowl.com more about, well, the Emotion Bowl, and to better able to identify what we do as sports photographers, we’re announcing the launch of ohSnapSports.com.

The Photo Galleries have Moved

All of the galleries formerly here at EmotionBowl.com have moved to ohSnapSports.com. This is good news! OhSnapSports.com allows you to have your own Favorites Gallery. There are thousands of photos to go through, and every time you want to show off that great capture, you have to go in and find it, or worse, try to walk grandma through how to get to it. Well, at OhSnapSports.com, you can now just favorite it. You can then share your Favorites gallery through Facebook, Twitter or send the unique URL through e-mail!

We encourage you to head over and take a look, be sure to Join so you can take advantage of everything ohSnapSports.com has to offer!

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