The Emotion Bowl

The Emotion Bowl is a regular season rivalry football game between the Idaho Falls Tigers and Skyline Grizzlies. It has been played annually since Skyline High School opened. It was dubbed the “Emotion Bowl” by long time broadcaster Jim Garchow.

James Clair Garchow Biography

James Garchow, 1936-2009

You can’t talk about the Emotion Bowl without talking about Jim. We’d like to thank Gina Berger for providing the following Biography.

James, more commonly known as Jim, was born December 6, 1936 in Mancelona, Michigan. He attended school in Mancelona until 1947 when his family moved Arizona, where he enjoyed playing football and baseball for the Coolidge Bears.

Following graduation, Jim enlisted in the U.S. Navy towards the end of the Korean War. Although he witnessed the test explosions of 5 Hydrogen bombs in the Marshall Islands in 1956, he saw no combat but was proud of his efforts as a Korean War veteran. Following honorable discharge, Jim returned to Arizona where he became a guard at the Arizona State Prison.

Soon after his return to Arizona, a legend was born as Jim began his radio career when he became a disc jockey at the radio station KCKY in Coolidge. His program “Stars Behind Bars” was his first stint behind the microphone. It was at KCKY that Jim became fast friends with a fellow disc jockey—later known to the world as legendary country music singer Waylon Jennings. This became a lifelong friendship, which Waylon honored in his song “Best Friends of Mine”. His broadcast of an American Legion Baseball Tournament in 1960 was his first as a sportscaster.

In 1961 Jim married Brenda Joy Moman. They lived in Flagstaff, Arizona and had two daughters, Gina and Kelly. He was the voice of Northern Arizona Lumberjack football, basketball, and baseball as well as sales manager at KCLS radio.

In September of 1969, Jim was sent to Idaho Falls to assume the position of general manager at KUPI radio. In October of the same year he changed the format of the station to country western, which resulted in KUPI becoming one of the most respected radio stations in the state. In 1970 Jim began broadcasting tor the Idaho Falls Professional Baseball team. His third daughter Stacey was born while he was broadcasting a game at Highland Park. In 1976 Jim became the voice of Skyline High School boy’s athletics, broadcasting all football and basketball games as well as many Idaho Falls High School games.

At the age of 36, Jim suffered his first heart attack. Four years later a second heart attack occurred. He later underwent a high risk bypass surgery at Stanford University but issues prevailed. Jim’s heart problems finally came to an end on July 23, 1987 when he had a heart transplant. He supported and spoke on behalf of organ donation through his life.

In 2000 his wife of 39 years, Brenda, died from cancer. They had enjoyed traveling to Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Hawaii, and Seattle. One of the more memorable trips was attending the Kentucky Derby with Waylon Jennings and his wife Jesse Coulter.

Jim’s passion for sports began as a young boy in Michigan, but only grew with each season. Along with playing football and baseball in high school, Jim later played men’s fast pitch softball and won the regional championship as coach of the Q99 Women’s Fast pitch team. Jim also had a great interest in bowling, and was inducted into the Idaho Falls Men’s and Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame in the mid 1980’s. In 1988 Jim began a love/hate relationship with golf, which fast became his favorite pastime. He was an avid Detroit Tigers fan throughout his life.

Professionally, Jim’s greatest accomplishment was the success of KUPI radio in his 37 years as General Manager. The longevity of his staff was evidence of his leadership talents. He was very proud of the success of his employees and passionate about serving his customers and community. In 2006, at the age of 69 Jim stepped down as General Manager of the radio station, where he then served as Executive Vice President of Sandhill Media which had become the new owner of KUPI.

In 2005, he was honored by the Idaho High School Activities Association with the Duane Wolf Award for his service to high school athletics.

In 2007 he was the first person inducted into the Skyline High School Hall of Fame. With the completion of the 2009 Chukars season, No sportscaster in all of minor league baseball had a longer tenure with the same baseball team as Jim in his 39 years.

As a sports broadcaster, Jim brought his unique style to each broadcast. He coined many timeless phrases, such as “Taj Ma Grizz”, “Piece of Pie Fly”, and “Straight down West Broadway”. His most famous is renaming the Idaho Falls vs. Skyline football game the “Emotion Bowl”. Along with John Balginy, he won the Idaho State Broadcasters Association award for Best Sportscast with the play by play of the “Emotion Bowl” in 2004.

Jim began experiencing health problems in early 2009 which resulted in the amputation of his right leg. Always the optimist with a passion for living, he wasn’t deterred from purchasing his annual golf pass. Although in failing health, he broadcast the full 2009 Chukars Season. His last night he enjoyed listening to his longtime broadcast partner, John Balginy, as he called the play by play of the Skyline Grizzlies defeating the Hillcrest Knights, where his grandson Michael Berger was quarterback, and son in law Scott Berger was head coach. He passed away on September 20, 2009 after a valiant battle with acute leukemia.

In 2010, the City of Idaho Falls honored him with the dedication of “Jim Garchow Way” which is the now official address of the Idaho Falls Chukars.

History of the Emotion Bowl

2012 - Skyline 24, Idaho Falls 20
2011 - Skyline 50, Idaho Falls 34
2010 - Idaho Falls 26, Skyline 23
2009 - Idaho Falls 28, Skyline 13
2008 - Idaho Falls 28, Skyline 21
2007 - Idaho Falls 28, Skyline 0
2006 - Skyline 28, Idaho Falls 21
2005 - Idaho Falls 27, Skyline 17
2004 - Skyline 29, Idaho Falls 28
2003 - Idaho Falls 31, Skyline 20
2002 - Idaho Falls 24, Skyline 14
2001 - Skyline 39, Idaho Falls 14
2000 - Skyline 23, Idaho Falls 6
1999 - Idaho Falls 27, Skyline 26
1998 - Skyline 47, Idaho Falls 14
1997 - Idaho Falls 39, Skyline 36 (OT)
1996 - Skyline 31, Idaho Falls 0
1995 - Idaho Falls 38, Skyline 34
1994 - Idaho Falls 16, Skyline 0
1993 - Idaho Falls 38, Skyline 34
1992 - Skyline 20, Idaho Falls 14
1991 - Skyline 24, Idaho Falls 21
1990 - Skyline 24, Idaho Falls 13
1989 - Skyline 28, Idaho Falls 27 (OT)
1988 - Idaho Falls 48, Skyline 28
1987 - Idaho Falls 29, Skyline 14
1986 - Idaho Falls 34, Skyline 28 (2OT)
1985 - Idaho Falls 35, Skyline 19
1984 - Idaho Falls 21, Skyline 7
1983 - Idaho Falls 34, Skyline 29
1982 - Skyline 14, Idaho Falls 6
1981 - Skyline 34, Idaho Falls 18
1980 - Idaho Falls 14, Skyline 0
1979 - Skyline 19, Idaho Falls 13
1978 - Skyline 36, Idaho Falls 8
1977 - Idaho Falls 10, Skyline 0
1976 - Skyline 34, Idaho Falls 27
1975 - Skyline 44, Idaho Falls 16
1974 - Skyline 59, Idaho Falls 12
1973 - Idaho Falls 27, Skyline 15
1972 - Skyline 26, Idaho Falls 8
1971 - Skyline 41, Idaho Falls 8
1970 - Skyline 47, Idaho Falls 9
1969 - Skyline 31, Idaho Falls 16
1968 - Skyline 21, Idaho Falls 16
1967 - Skyline 20, Idaho Falls 14
1966 - Skyline 19, Idaho Falls 15