Idaho Falls Tigers

Idaho Falls High School Fight Song

I'm a Tiger

Dear old I.F. High

We are with you. You are the one we are all fighting for.

In the field of victory we will cheer you,

in defeat your name we will never mar.

We'll be true to the ones who uphold you,

and keep your colors on high.

When it's time to depart we'll keep close to our heart dear old memories of I.F. High,

Rah Rah Rah.


Gold and Black are the symbols of might ,never to be downed by a foe.

Attained by the virtues of work and fight our aim is to always hold them so.

You will find sportsmanship in our athletes, on our men you can always rely.


We will build for you a name, that will hold up high your fame, till the last of your days I.F. High.

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